Analyser Interfacing

Custom Software has over 15 years experience in producing quality software interfaces that can maximise the potential of your laboratory equipment. We currently have in operation 80+ different types of laboratory analyser interfaces that are used to automate the successful and accurate transmission of laboratory results from analysers to LIMS. Our analyser interfaces are also capable of exporting test results to standard XML formats to integrate data in third party LIMS.

What is Analyser Interface Software

Analyser interface is a program that uses RS-232 (serial), USB or Network protocols to communicate between LIMS and laboratory equipment. It supports data input and monitoring in ASCII, Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal and Binary formats. It establishes communication, request tests to laboratory equipment and receives test results when they are ready. It also logs all communication steps including handshaking, RTS, DTS, Error Transmission etc into the trace log.

How Custom Software Can Help You

If your laboratory is not using any LIMS at the moment and you are planning to buy LIMS, choosing the NetAcquire Suite (LIMS) gives you the confidence that all your laboratory equipment will be interfaced and integrated with your LIMS. If you are already using LIMS, we can provide you with solutions for your non-interfaced laboratory equipment to communicate with your existing LIMS. If you do not have LIMS and do not require one, we still can offer you solutions such as analyser interfaces with the ability to gather, export and print your analyser results in a wide range of formats.