What We Do

At Custom Software we pride ourselves on providing bespoke software packages and services to the laboratory industry. We are experts in customising the configuration of our software and tailoring it to meet the clients’ exact requirements.
We work closely with our customers so that you obtain the IT assistance you can trust.

What is LIS? (Laboratory Information System)

LIS is a class of software which handles the receiving, processing and storage of information generated by medical laboratory processes. These systems interface with instruments and other information systems such as Hospital Information systems (HIS) LIS is a highly configurable application which is customised to facilitate a wide variety of laboratory workflow models.

What is NetAcquire?

NetAcquire was the first system with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) implemented in Ireland by Custom Software. It was designed in conjunction with scientists and laboratory technicians in co-operation with Custom Software and as a result, is now implemented in some of the leading hospitals in Ireland. The system has evolved with technology over the last number of years. In 2002, the system underwent a major restructure. This restructure allowed users to view all information about a patient by department. In 2004, the system underwent its third update. The system is now customised to include all disciplines of laboratories and is more flexible in the management of patients’ samples by the Users.